Check out what Viraf Patel has to say on his fashion choices

A ‘linen suit’ is my ‘dress to kill’ for a perfect date – Viraf Patel

Viraf Patel is one of the hottest and most good-looking actors of the Indian entertainment industry today and the man certainly knows how to make the most of his looks. He’s a charmer in the true sense of the term and knows how to keep his ‘fashion game’ on point. We got involved in a special and exclusive conversation on fashion with Viraf and quite interestingly, he answered his favourite picks based on his choices pre Covid-19 pandemic and post Covid-19 pandemic. Read to know more –

What is style for you in one word?

Pleasing paparazzi (if any) (Pre Pandemic)

Self expression (Post Pandemic)

Favourite item in your wardrobe ?

Jeans (Pre Pandemic)

Track pants (Post Pandemic)

What style makes you feel sexy?

Whatever is in vogue (Pre Pandemic)

High on utility and comfort (Post pandemic)

Your fashion inspiration city?

New York (Pre Pandemic)

Mumbai (Post Pandemic)

What would be your ‘Dress to Kill’ for a perfect date?

A linen suit

Jackets or hats?


Sweatshirts or shirts?


Indian or western?

Indian (Pre Pandemic)

Neither (whatever is easier) (Post Pandemic)

Jeans or pyjama?

Jeans (Pre Pandemic)

Pyjama (Post Pandemic)

Fav Beachwear Fashion?

Tight trunks & loose shorts

Fashion advise to fans?

Follow trends only because they may make sense to you or your body type not because it will help you ‘fit in’ or get praise from people you hang out with.

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