IWMBuzz gets involved in a special fashion-oriented conversation with the beautiful Giorgia Andriani

Rock style makes me feel sexy – Giorgia Andriani

What is style for you in one word?

Style is for me concretising my mood through what I wear.

Favourite item in your wardrobe...

Comfortable white T-shirts.

What style makes you feel sexy?

Rock style – black and studs.

Your fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspirations are Rihanna and Sophia Loren.

What would be your ‘Dress to Kill’ for a perfect date?

For a date I wouldn’t wear anything different than I would wear if I wasn’t going for a date

Jackets or hats?

Jackets and hats depending upon the occasion.

Sweatshirts or shirts?



Rock style makes me feel sexy - Giorgia Andriani

Indian or western?

I like both, depending upon the occasion.

Jeans or pyjama?


Favourite Beachwear Fashion?

For the beach, I like wearing bikini or the monokini.

Fashion advise to fans?

My fashion advise is be yourself, use dressing as an extension of your personality and at the same time don’t forget about comfort.

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