Learn How To Style Your College Uniform In 5 Different Ways

How To Style Your College Uniform In 5 Different Ways

School uniform is something we hate the most. Wearing the same uniform for an out year makes it look and feel boring. The restricted rules and regulations are must be followed in school. We cannot replace the uniform but surely style them in different stylish ways.

Here are some tips to style your uniform:
1. Moisturize your skin- There are not cosmetics or makeup allowed in school. but you can apply some moisturizer and sunscreen to keep your skin glowing and protect it.
2. Lip balm or moisturizer- We know, lipstick is strictly prohibited but a little lip balm or moisturizer goes nowhere. It makes you look a little more stylish.
3. Iron your uniform- Keep your uniform always ironed to avoid wrinkles, Iron the pleats properly. Keep your uniform clean and tidy.
4. Add another top- You can go for a little stylish shirt or camisole underneath your uniform. This allows you to undo the top buttons of your uniform and style in comfort.
5. Accessory your clothing- Add and embellishment to your collar or top pocket to make your uniform look more stylish.

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