Lots of various types of snacks we can make at home for breakfast. Most of the snack items are easy to prepare at home. There are a few breakfast items that are trending nowadays. The latest viral recipe doing the rounds on social media is delicious custard toast. Toast is one of the easiest as well as quickest options, which millions of people rely on every morning. Lots of people tried this custard toast and they are comfortable with it. With just a couple of ingredients, this recipe is quite easy to make. You can make this custard toast with the help of regular kitchen things which you have. This viral recipe reimagines toast as a breakfast cum dessert and it’s trending on social media. Here we look at this trending recipe of custard toast.

* Four bread slices.
* One egg.
* Greek yogurt in one cup.
* Maple syrup or honey.

* Take a bowl and in that bowl, mix, yogurt, maple syrup, and egg. Also, you can add vanilla essence, if you wish, for extra aroma.

* Make some dents in the bread without cutting it.

* Take custard and fill indented part of the bread with it. Also use toppings of your choice like chocolate, fruits, and berries.

* First cook all this in an air fryer for 20 minutes or you can bake it in the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes.

* Garnish it with powdered sugar for a better look. Your custard toast is ready.

This is the current food trend recipe of custard toast, as per the viral recipe. This is a super creamy and delicious dessert for breakfast.