Everyone loves pasta and as an ardent pasta lover, we order or cook extra pasta. Most of the time-ordered pasta is reheated the next day for breakfast. But actually, there are various ways, through which you can use your cooked leftover pasta and can make a few amazing dishes. Here we look at a few such dishes by using leftover pasta. These are perfect examples of how versatile your leftover pasta can prove to be.


These pasta cheese balls are a good option for making a dish out of leftover pasta. In a bowl take leftover pasta, herbs, cheese, breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper. Mix it properly and make bite-sized pasta cheese balls and fry them in oil. Your pasta cheese balls are ready, which you can have with tomato ketchup or as such.


This dish is also a good option for making dishes out of leftover pasta. Over pizza base spread leftover pasta. Add extra cheese and toppings of your choice and bake. This fresh, cheesy, and wholesome pizza everyone will love it.


This is the best and most healthy dish by using leftover pasty. This is a healthy dish, as in this dish you are adding chopped healthy vegetables and leaves. Mix leftover pasta, vegetables, and leaves in some Italian dressing to have the best pasta salad.


You can make pasta muffins, using leftover pasta. Greece your muffin tray with oil spray, place pasta in s muffin molds, top it up with cheese and parsley, and bake. Your pasta muffin is ready for your breakfast.


If you have leftover pasta and a loaf of bread, this pasta sandwich is a good and healthy option. Take a bread slice, spread leftover pasta on it, and add cheese and herbs. Put another slice of bread over it and grill.

Those were a few dishes you can make from leftover pasta.