Among all snacks and meals options, pasta is preferred by everyone. Pasta is made in various styles and if you wish to make it more desi, then you can go for masala pasta. Masala pasta is an Indian-style flavorful and delicious pasta, which will surely be your favorite. This recipe is very easy and it requires just twenty-five minutes. It is the best option for kids and the entire family for dinner. Here we look at this masala pasta recipe for you.

* Pasta, oil, cumin seeds, chopped onion, chopped vegetables, garlic.
*Spices, masala powder, chilli powder, Kasuri methi, tomato puree, and salt for taste.

* Take a large pot and add six cups of water. Let the water boil and then add pasta and salt.

* Cook it on medium flame. It should be soft but not chewy.

* Once cooked, drain the pasta properly. Save pasta cooked water.

* For making masala for pasta, take a pan, heat oil, add cumin seeds and add garlic. Fry garlic for a couple of minutes.

* Add onion to a pan and fry until they turn golden.

* Add the chopped vegetables and fry them for a couple of minutes.

* At this stage, add mashed tomatoes and salt. Fry until the tomato becomes soft. You can add tomato puree also.

* Fry it till the raw smell of tomato disappears.

* Add Kasuri methi, masala powder, and red chilli powder.

* Mix all ingredients well and cook until the raw flavor of chilli powder goes away. Add cream and mix it properly.

* Your masala for pasta is ready and you can proceed with making masala pasta.

* Add cooked pasta to this masala. Mix it well and then add coriander leaves.

* If it’s dry, add little oil or pasta-cooked water. Mix well, check salt and adjust it accordingly.

* Your Indian-style masala pasta is ready to serve hot and you can enjoy it with family.