Kangana Ranaut is a social media sensation. The actress loves to share everything with her fans. Today, she revealed her cheat day cravings. Check out below

Decoding Kangana Ranaut’s Cheat Day Cravings, Check Out

The ever-charming Kangana Ranaut is a talented, versatile, and gorgeous actress in Bollywood. She loves to rule the world, and we have often seen her do so. The Queen actress is a social media bug who loves to share every insight from her personal as well as professional life with her fans. However, today, she reveals her cheat day cravings, and that’s relatable to many of us.

Kangana Ranaut’s Cheat Day Craving

Taking to her Instagram handle, Kangana dropped a glimpse of her evening cravings. It’s a cheat day for the actress, and the diva enjoys the universal favorite vada pav. In the shared photos, Kangana can be seen holding a vada pav with dry chutney and fried green chilies. The fresh and hot vada pav is an emotion for many of us. Isn’t it? The actress also asked her fans, “Who else is in vada kinda mood?”.

Decoding Kangana Ranaut's Cheat Day Cravings, Check Out 881718

The love for Vada Pav is undeniable. Those living in Maharashtra know how much vada pav matters. It’s emotion for Mumbaikars. Simple alo vada and pav with spicy hot green and sweet red chutney are like heaven. People here love to eat vada pav. For many, it is their morning breakfast or evening snack. There is a long list of vada pav lovers, including Bollywood celeb Shraddha Kapoor, TV actress Hina Khan, and others.

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