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Zayn Malik and his favourite food, and of course his eating disorder are discussed here.

Zayn Malik And His Favourite Food

Zayn Malik the English singer and songwriter gained fame from the TV show The X Factor. His radiant music and soulful singing has kept his fans engaged. From his debut album Mind of Mine to present one, his songs have been a rage.

Zayn in addition to being a great singer, has always been a stunning looker. His dashing looks, handsome and suave persona make him every woman’s favourite.

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They know everything about him. And if you all want to know more of Zayn Malik’s favourite food, here is the topic you need to read further.

Well, for Zayn he once had an eating disorder. While there were days when he used to eat a lot, there were also days when he used to eat nothing. It took time, but Zayn finally came out of this disorder.

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He is otherwise a foodie to the core. And he loves his chicken a lot.

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