Health tips for the ones moving out of house during pandemic

5 Health Tips For Those Who Are Moving Out Of Their Houses During Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has led to a lockdown and the whole world is at stake. The unlock 1.0 has started already, and many people have started to move out of house.

Here are some tips to maintain your health-

1. Carry disinfectant, sanitizers and wipes- Wherever you go carry disinfectant, sanitizers and wipes with you. Do not touch anywhere without gloves. Disinfect the seat, or any product you buy before using it.

2. Keep drinking warm water- Drink warm water instead of normal room temperature water. Drink warm water after time intervals.

3. Set reminder to wash your hands- We often forget to wash our hands when we visit any place. Wash your hand frequently. Set times to wash hands with hand wash.

4. Wear a mask- Whenever you step out of house make sure you are on with the mask. Mask is a must while moving out. Be at places with crowd or people without mask.

5. Move on to places with less crowd- Avoid visiting or going out at crowded places. If going out for shopping of daily needs, disinfect them after buying and keep aside for at least 2 days.

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