Try these super refreshing beverages during the pandemic

Beverages You Can Learn To Make and Enjoy In This Pandemic

As there is lockdown all over the country, you all are surely missing McCafé, CCD, Starbucks for the beverages.

Here we are with some instant recipes of beverages for you-

1. Dalgona Coffee-
Ingredients:- 1 1\2 tbsp of powdered sugar, 1 1\2 tbsp of coffee granules, 2 tbsp of hot water, Milk, Ice for serving.

Procedure:- 1. Take a bowl and add sugar, hot water and coffee granules, beat all the ingredients together with a whisk and set the bowl aside.
2. Take a glass and add milk and ice cubes to it and dollop the coffee mixture on top and serve immediately.

2. Virgin Mojito-
Ingredients:- Club soda, Mint leaves, Lemon juice, Sugar syrup, Ice cubes, lemon wedges.

Procedure:- 1. Take a shaker and add mint leaves, lemon wedges, sugar syrup, lemon juice & some ice cubes in it. Shake well and pour it into the glass.
2. Now, add club soda and garnish it with lemon wedges and mint leaves.
3. Enjoy virgin mojito.

3. Iced Capps-
Ingredients:- 6 oz. of brewed coffee, 3 1\2 Tbsp dark brown sugar, 1 1\2 Tbsp vanilla extract, 1/4 cup cream, 10 ice cubes

Procedure:- 1. Take hot coffee, brown sugar and vanilla extract. Stir the mixture until the sugar is dissolved.
2. Add cream to the mixture and let it cool for 5 minutes.
3. Now, Add mixture to blender with some ice cubes
4. Blend for 50-60 seconds.
5. Pour into glass and enjoy.

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