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Check out these 7 songs by Lady Gaga to listen during this pandemic. They will definitely bring a smile on your face!

7 Lady Gaga’s Songs To Get You Smiling Amid The Pandemic

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, popularly known as Lady Gaga, the critically acclaimed Hollywood singer is one of the finest singers of all time. She has got a bunch of her songs a big hit, from Poker Face (2008) to Stupid Love (2020). Recently, Lady Gaga has also released her new album named ‘Chromatica’ (2020). She has been ruling the industry for the past two decades. Lady Gaga has won the hearts of her fans who go crazy with her songs. In fact, her recent album release has been a big hit in this lockdown.

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The world has gone under lockdowns and quarantine. More than half of society is experiencing from this dangerous virus, globally. Many are stuck in between the four walls and isolating themselves. It’s not easy for everyone to stay in isolation. Sometimes it becomes very tough and stressful. And music has always been a cure to it. Lady Gaga has got a great collection of her songs to keep you smiling, even in this pandemic. She has got magic in her voice.

Here we have got the top 7 songs by Lady Gaga that you can listen to during this pandemic. They surely bring a bright smile on your face and make you happy. Listen to them and add them to your quarantine playlist!

1: The Cure (2007)

2: Just Dance (2008)

3: Poker Face (2008)

4: Shallow (2018)

5: Million Reasons (2016)

6: Paparazzi (2008)

7: A-Yo (2016)

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