Here we have shared some of grandest goovy songs by Lady Gaga, check out

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Lady Gaga, the name needs no introduction. With her rise as the pop queen amongst the millennials, Lady Gaga continues to be the rockstar in and out. The star has given some of the best numbers to groove with, and today we are here with Lady Gaga’s grooviest songs of all time, that are must add-ons to your playlist, check out the list below:

Poker Face: 2008

The song gave Lady Gaga her due love and recognition amongst the fans. The song remains an all and all with crazy lyrics and amazing chorus work. However, even though the segments remain a bit nonsensical and repetitive, it is what makes the song a fantastic one to groove to.

Bad Romance: 2008

This was the one with which, Lady Gaga earned her global recognition. The song got popular for its brilliant drama on board. She collaborated with Moroccan-Swedish producer RedOne, for this one, which even added the zeal to the entirety of the song. Also, Lady Gaga showcased her peaking versatility as a singer giving some crazy vocals.

Telephone 2010

An epic creation by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Well, the names already are enough to prove why the song still remains one of the epics. The song has got some electrifying, jerky beats and with Beyonce’s cameo in the music video, made the song number one of the highest grossing on YouTube too.

Anything Goes 2014

Gaga made a complete U-turn with the medley album with iconic crooner Tony Bennett, after becoming hurt by the lacklustre arrival to Art Pop. It’s not quite as ridiculous as it seems. Gaga consistently employs theatrical and cabaret-inspired riffs, and her rendition of this Cole Porter masterpiece has been lovely.

Just Dance 2008

The electrifying Europop blueprint that Gaga pursued throughout the initial 5 years of her career was formed by her debut single. What continues to stand out in this song is Gaga’s hunger, which contrasted sharply with the dense synthesisers and melodic chorus. She acknowledged that this was her moment to shine as well as she made the most of it with a solid performance.

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