Renowned actor Allu Arjun has once again captured the hearts of his fans, this time with an endearing yoga session alongside his daughter, Allu Arha. The actor, who is currently immersed in the shooting of Pushpa 2, took a delightful break to share a tender moment with his little one, leaving fans in awe across the internet.

The heart-melting scene was beautifully captured in a candid photograph, which was shared on social media by Allu Arjun’s wife, Sneha Reddy. In the snapshot, both Allu Arjun and his daughter Allu Arha are seen engaging in yoga, clad in comfortable night attire within the cozy confines of their home.

Allu Arjun's heartwarming yoga session with daughter Allu Arha 882948

Amidst the anticipation surrounding the upcoming installment of ‘Pushpa’, Allu recently added to the excitement by hinting at the possibility of a third part in the franchise. Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, he disclosed, “You can definitely expect part three, we do want to make it a franchise and we have exciting ideas for the lineup.”

Pushpa: The Rise, released in 2021, was met with tremendous success, emerging as a blockbuster hit under the adept direction of Sukumar. The film’s popularity paved the way for its sequel, ‘Pushpa 2’, which is currently in the production phase. However, the shooting faced a temporary halt in November 2023 due to health concerns experienced by Allu Arjun, though filming swiftly resumed thereafter. Last year, fans were treated to the first-look poster of’Pushpa 2, showcasing Allu Arjun adorned in a saree with his face adorned in striking hues of blue and red.