Know more about Ranveer Singh's lockdown diet and fitness secrets

What Are Ranveer Singh’s LOCKDOWN Diet, Workout And Fitness Secrets?

If in the last 10 years, if there’s one male actor who has grown immensely both personally and professionally like no one else, it is only and only Ranveer Singh. The man ensures he gives it all in everything that he does and the results certainly speak for itself. From working hard on his acting to taking care of his body with the right kind of diet and workout, Ranveer does it all with precision and perfection.

So what do Ranveer’s lockdown special diet and workout plan look like?

As per reports in TOI (Lifestyle), Ranveer believes in taking small meals in regular intervals rather than consuming 3 big meals throughout the day. He believes in keeping his snacks healthy with nuts and fruits and after a high protein breakfast in the morning, he balances it with a low carb dinner.

As far as workout plan is concerned, reports in HealthKart.connect suggest that Ranveer’s workout includes functional training like free hand exercises, swimming, and running to strengthen the core.

He also says that one can divide his or her workout into two parts if one doesn’t have time. Just like him, you can do one-hour cardio in the morning to burn fat. The evening training session are more intense. It includes an hour or an hour and a half of heavy weight training and lifting.

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