Know more about John Cena's body and workout plan

Want Body Like John Cena? Check Out His Workout And Meal Plan

WWE aka World Wrestling Entertainment has seen some tremendous superstars over the years and we can keep them naming. From Eddie Guerrero to the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and many more, they all have dominated the wresting stage for long. But that one personality who has toppled everyone in terms of success and popularity is John Cena.

Cena’s punk style is loved by one and all and everyone wants a physique like him. So how can you actually achieve it? Well, we reveal to you here.

John Cena’s diet is as important an aspect as the work he puts in the gym when it comes to keeping in shape.

As per sportskeeda, John Cena believes in heavyweight workout and he trains 6 days in a week and covers all body parts. He keeps a separate day just for the legs and on the other days, he works out for 6-7 hours in a day.

As far as diet is concerned, brown rice/pasta, salad, vegetable, grilled chicken/fish, supplements, low-fat cottage cheese, casein protein shake are his picks.

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