The DC Universe is something huge and spectacular!! Only the blessed actors in Hollywood get to be a part of this elite community of actors. Only the A-list and the creme gets to place themselves in this DC list. A report on talked about the richest of DC actors and we take a look at the same here. We take reference from that story for our write up here.

Dwayne Johnson: From a career starting with wrestling and then entering films, Johnson is freakishly rich. He has been a part of several franchises and though his DC debut will be officially happening in October as Black Adam is releasing then, we can add him to this list. The Rock’s net worth is a whopping $800 million!

John Cena: Much like Dwayne Johnson, even Cena started his career as a wrestler and then entered the film industry. He is known for his role as the Peacemaker and even has his show. The actor’s earnings are $60 million.

Gal Gadot: Gal’s role as Wonder Woman was quite good. Though some may say the sequel was not as good as the first one. Gadot has also been a part of several other hits like the Red Notice and the Fast & Furious franchise. Her total earnings are $30 million.

Will Smith: After Dwayne Johnson is the King Richard actor was already quite rich and famous before he joined DC in Suicide Squad in 2016 as Deadshot. Though the future of his character is in the dark, as per the recent report no progress has been made on his DC hero’s solo film. Despite that, the actor is doing pretty well as he has a net worth of $350 million.

Wow!! This is some big money!! Kudos to these rich DC actors!!