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Wish to have a sexy belly like Ariana Grande? Here is her simple workout routine

Want Hot Belly Curves Like Ariana Grande? Follow These Simple Steps

People are in awe of the beautiful figure of Ariana Grande. She is one of the most stylish stars. She is ruling the charts with billions of views and fans going crazy for her. She is known for some of the most hit tracks like Dangerous Woman, Into You, No Tears Left To Cry, God Is A Woman, and so on. She is known to take a stand on the empowerment of women and motivating them through numerous songs.

Despite having a busy schedule, Ariana Grande is committed to a healthy lifestyle and eats healthy. From eating right to maintaining the sleeping schedule, she always tries to be active. Her workout routine is quite simple and can be done almost anywhere. She doesn’t include weights in her routine.

Ariana Grande usually does five sets of 30 reps every day or whatever is possible in a short amount of time. She includes reverse lunge, glute bridge, and many other simple exercises. She walks for about 12,000 to 14,000 steps if she can’t fit exercise in a busy schedule. Follow these simple workout routines, and you will have flat belly curves just like her.

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