Almost all the couples have some secrets from each of their sides. But revealing them is the toughest challenge, as these secrets may put your relationship or marriage at risk of breaking up or divorce.

A divorce lawyer, Michelle Crosby once said,” All secrets bring an element of surprise, and if told in the wrong way or at the wrong time, they can be painful and destructive”.

Below are some tips that may help you reveal a secret to your partner:

1. Make the decision truthful.

2. Decide what you want to happen.

3. Explore your own avoidance.

4. Set a correct time & place.

5. Plan what you will say or do.

If you make any commitment while revealing a secret then stick to your commitment. If your secret was wrong at your partners point, say sorry to your partner. Make your partner believe that you won’t repeat the same.

Some secrets may also put your partner in shock or hurt them, be with your partner, this will help them trust you again.