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Know about Gaurav Madaan who bootstrapped a multi million dollar venture after turning down an equity offer

Making an unconventional choice takes a lot of courage. “Delhi School of Internet Marketing offered me a 5% Equity stake in 2015, with a condition for a 2 year lock in. However, I left the job to start my own venture letting go of my Equity”, says Digital Marketing specialist & entrepreneur Gaurav Madaan.

Today he bootstrapped HighonM along with his team to a Multi Million Dollar business with 4 Different Wings.
They are into Training, offering software that acts as a Service Solutions, Events & Affiliate Marketing. “Leaving the Equity was not an easy decision, but ever since we have only achieved more and more with time”, added Gaurav.

He adds saying, “My suggestion to everyone is that one should never stop learning, persistence is the key to long term successful journey. It’s not a quick-rich scheme. It is unlikely to launch your first ad and make money immediately.” Coming from a very entrepreneurial and hard-working family, Gaurav grew up in a very enterprising environment that helped him carve his path today.

What makes him different, is the everyday actions that have carried him through some crazy waves in life and in business. He has implemented the right marketing strategies to grow the business to a multi-million dollar company. Though he started off with a lot of uncertainty, he has now marked his success. Gaurav is now on the glorious journey to guide enthusiastic entrepreneurs & to help them make millions with the right digital marketing strategies.

“If you belive in your Idea, then it will always lead you to a Wonderland”, concludes Gaurav. With immense success he has experienced he talks about other opportunities await. However, he is clear about his interests & goals. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he believes that he could work on his own empire rather than build it for someone who’s just credited him with a part of the revenue. Rather, he chooses to guide young & budding entrepreneurs which give him satisfaction for helping others gain financial freedom

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