Today we are sharing things to remember before interacting with stranger person on social media sites

Social media sites are becoming popular day by day. These apps allow people to interact with other people across the world in just seconds. While the process is easy, it could be dangerous if the person is not right or if they threaten you or supply you with unwanted content. So this is why it is important to remember several things before interacting with strangers on social media sites.

1) Be Cautious About Sharing Too Much: Be social but in a private way. Don’t share things that are not required, such as your work, home, or anything personal. Keep it direct and simple.

2) Verifying Before Talking: This might seem as if you are stalking the person, which is fair. However, you should know the person or the background before indulging in any interaction with the person.

3)Be Careful About Over-Friending: Once you start talking to the person, remember that you shouldn’t be over-friendly with the person as you might feel through their answers that it is trustworthy, But still, some information should not be shared.

4)Block Many times, it happens that you start interacting with a person on a good note. In comparison, things might get different and ugly. And you must know that there is always a block option available which you should apply. And ignore any kind of threats or harassment.

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