Have a look at dashing, Akshay Kumar's movie promo outfits.

We admire Akshay Kumar’s practical sense of style, even if he doesn’t wear the most outrageous ensembles, such as shoes that cost the same as an iPhone or a watch that costs more than a Delhi mansion.

The way he manages to merge usefulness with aesthetics is incredible, and it’s something that most of us struggle with. Furthermore, some of his decisions have been daring to say the least.

We’ve selected a few instances in which Akshay Kumar’s fashion sense has wowed us.

Head To Toe In Black

Tell us, doesn’t Akshay look like he’s filming the next installment of Dhoom? We really appreciate the all-black look that he’s gone for. And what about those socks and sneakers? Akshay, that was a nice touch.

Stylish In Pink

This is a color scheme that most men would avoid with a ten-foot pole. “Masculinity” and other patriarchal nonsense, after all. Can we simply say that whoever said pink isn’t for guys should be referred to a psychiatrist? The light pink looks are fantastic with the light blue Converse sneakers.

Dual Tone Joggers

The pants may appear odd at first glance, but they are by far the most stylish pair of joggers we’ve seen. The exposed hemlines’ ragged edges, where the two colors meet, perfectly encapsulate the “street” look. Then there’s a pretty somber shirt with a Mandarin sensibility, which goes in the opposite direction. That’s what we call an experiment that went completely off the rails.

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