Check out 3 occasions when Ranveer Singh showed he cares for Deepika Padukone

3 Times Ranveer Singh showed his care for Deepika Padukone

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are quintessential couple goals for one and all and the way they have groomed and taken their relationship forward is truly exemplary and inspirational. In today’s generation of hook-up culture, Ranveer and Deepika redefine love like never before and from crediting each other for their individual success on award show platforms to seeking blessings of the almighty for their first wedding anniversary, ‘Deepveer’ does everything which modern-day couples dream of doing and achieving.

Fans and netizens have been fortunate enough to witness them display their care and love for each other openly on multiple occasions and the way Ranveer Singh takes care of his wife, he truly comes off as the ideal ‘gentleman’ around. So today, we show you three special occasions when Ranveer displayed his care and affection for Deepika in public. Take a look –

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