Aditi Rao Hydari‘s fashion sense is truly exquisite, merging elegance with modern flair. From ruling the red carpet moments to turning heads at night parties, her unique choice of outfits is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles. With her distinctive approach in the fashion world, she creates her rule book for style wherever she goes. This time, she redefines the denim style in a denim co-ord set.

Aditi Rao ditches the casual denim trend and redefines fashion with her own rule book as she embraced her look in an all-denim co-ord set that has a strapless fitting top showcasing her jaw-dropping collarbones and a flared pants, creating a classy vibe. This timeless pick is from the shelves of the brand RAE. In this monotone ensemble, Aditi looked nothing short of a sass queen.

Aditi Rao Hydari Redefines Denim Fashion In Co-ord Set With Red Lips 882793

Aditi adorns her look with arched eyebrows, flashy lashes, dewy makeup, and bold red lips to up her glam like a pro. The chunky golden necklace piece sealed her look. With the red high heels and stilettos, she completed her overall appearance. Throughout her photos, Aditi effortlessly flaunts her style in striking moments, making us fans of her classy look. Her mesmerizing aadaye and attitude make us fall for her over and over again.

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