Rocking Star in Kannada Fans recently took pictures of Yash as he left Hakim’s Aalim Salon in the streets of Mumbai. Many of his fans were thrilled to have the chance to take selfies with the handsome man, while others were devastated to have missed the chance.

With long hair, a beard, and dark sunglasses, Yash was sporting the look from Rocky Bhai. According to the video, the Kannada star has a large fan base across generations and is not just popular with young people as several children went into a frenzy to photograph their favorite matinee idol. Fans now regard his “wild” Rocky Bhai appearance as having an “iconic style.”

Later, another video was uploaded to social media that shows Yash taking a picture inside Hakim’s Aalim Salon. Hakim Aalim, a famous hairstylist, helped the KGF actor blow dry his hair with a blow dryer while he was seen taking the picture on his phone. Yash was spotted grooming his long hair and beard in the meantime.

With KGF Chapter 1, Kannada actor Yash gained notoriety and the attention of Indian moviegoers that were sorely lacking. Rocky Bhai, a famous character created by Yash, is well-known right now. He was able to gain a following both domestically and abroad thanks to the Rocky Bhai character.

Every recognizable celebrity has a dedicated following, and followers go above and beyond to show their support. Few of them, nevertheless, manage to capture widespread interest. One such Yash fan has gone over and above to demonstrate his allegiance to his hero.

A young person with a tattoo of Yash on his chest can be seen in a popular video. Most likely, the unidentified admirer wants to express his admiration for Yash. The image of Yash that is inscribed on his breast is that of the actor from KGF wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette.

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