This video of Captain America sobbing over Peggy Carter from Avengers: End Game has Arijit Singh's song, one of the saddest you'll ever hear!

'Captain America' Chris Evans Cries For Peggy Carter On An Arijit Singh's Sad Song 789007

As the Infinity Saga ended, Captain America, one of the most popular MCU characters, received his love. The fanbase acknowledges that Steve Rogers led the bachelor until he met Peggy Carter and had his final dance, which made it an entirely wholesome occasion. The Saware song by Arijit Singh from the movie Phantom has been added to a new edit video that has gone viral, depicting the Captain’s problems.

The most romantic scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was when Peggy waited for the right person to dance, even if it might have seemed quaint. Of course, a new video satisfies the desire of superhero fans, but the movie lacked a romantic hit song that would have enhanced the romantic atmosphere!

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The video was posted by “Thebaarishguy” on Instagram. A new clip of Captain America discussing the necessity of giving up life has gone viral. The video is cued to the mellow melody “Saware” by Arijit Singh when Steve Roger’s actress says, “Bhulana padta hai,” which he says in the Avengers: Endgame during his therapy session. As they discuss how Captain did not find love in the film until Avengers: Endgame, netizens are moved by the heartfelt video.

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