The one and only King Khan of Bollywood might be a magnanimous superstar but he keeps all his various charities quite under wraps!

The charitable side of Shah Rukh is something his biggest fans would not know about

Shah Rukh Khan also known as the King Khan of bollywood or as we fondly call him, SRK, is one of the most loved and famous actors not only in India but internationally also. He has millions of fans worldwide who love him with their lives and have made sure they watch every movie on his, first day first show. He is always followed by immense number of people and his public life is very closely monitored. The fans dig out everything about him and know a lot probably. However, his charitable works are still usually under wraps! He is in fact one of the biggest philanthropist who does not ever step away from a charity that can do good to the society.

Here are some of his charitable works that not many of us would have known about, because he would never blow his own trumpet!

1.  Made a special department for Cancer and Children in Mumbai’s hospital.‬
2. Donated 15 crores to Cancer Patients.
3. Adopted 12 villages and takes care of all the people even today
5. Even does extensive charity work in Singapore and Africa.
6. He is the only Indian to get an award from UNESCO for his Charity.

The charitable side of Shah Rukh is something his biggest fans would not know about 2

Shah Rukh Khan has been one of the most generous and charitable of actors in the industry and stand in the top ranks in India as well. He is one of those few actors who believes in doing good for the society from everything he is earn because he feels that we owe a little bit of what we earn to be given back to the society. His contributions to cinema and even to the society have been institutional and we could not have been in more awe of him than we are now!

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