Despite the physical distance, I feel we’re all together in our love and concern for one another: Aditi Rao Hydari | IWMBuzz

In conversation with Aditi Rao Hydari

Despite the physical distance, I feel we’re all together in our love and concern for one another:  Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao Hydari Tells Subhash K Jha How She’s Coping With Lockdown

How is the lockdown treating you?

I’m taking it each day as it comes. The last five years I’ve worked without pausing and I’m very grateful for it and I really enjoy working hectically but I’m pretty sure it has depleted me and it’s making me impatient. This has forced me to breathe deeply and nourish myself.

Do you miss being physically close to your friends?

Despite the physical distance, I feel we’re all together in our love and concern for one another, which to me means a lot. I miss the hugs though.

How are you spending your time?

I’m spending time with family. Watching many movies, playing board games, dancing, doing yoga, singing, sitting in the garden and zoning, concocting recipes, reading pending scripts, attempting to learn a language, video-calling all the people I miss. Trying to help people who need the help and lecturing whoever I can on sanitizing. And oh, so many things.

Do you find yourself eating sleeping more than you would have otherwise?

I’m eating like I always do. I’m always hungry and I eat very small portions. I’m sleeping a little more than usual. But I’m still up at 7:30 am. It’s the South Indian genes or maybe the rigorous dance training but I have to wake up with the sun!

Your advice to your fans and followers on how to cope with the crisis?

I’m not an expert on the topic but just basic practical sense and the information I’ve gathered tells me that we have the opportunity to free our country of this very infectious virus. Our governments have taken an important and necessary step and locked down our borders before it’s too late. Please let’s help ourselves, be disciplined and do what is essential. We need to stay home and only step out if very very essential.

Your advice to avoid contamination?

Be extra careful with sanitization and washing your hands, nails, hair and the clothes you wear thoroughly. Take your vitamin supplements and follow all your grandmother’s recipes to boost your immunity. If you have a cold/ cough/ fever or have recently traveled isolate yourself immediately and watch the symptoms.

Do you think we Indians are following the basic guidelines to beat the Coronavirus?

What demoralized me was the way people came out to celebrate post the Janta Curfew. It’s the worst and most insensitive thing we could have done. Even if not for yourself, please be responsible and stay home for relatively more vulnerable people. Healthcare workers who are risking their lives to help us. For pregnant women and newborn children. For the elderly and for people who are already health- compromised.

There’s a lot of food hoarding going on?

Please let’s be kind and sensitive and please let’s not hoard supplies. Give everyone a chance to put a basic meal on their table. Daily wagers are crying unable to feed their family’s. It’s heartbreaking. So please let’s be generous and kind towards people. We are in a place of privilege and we must help.

What can we as the more privileged do to help the situation?

It’s very essential that all of us who understand the implications of this virus and the necessity of a lockdown help and educate the people around us to be responsible and disciplined and also to not spread panic. We will get through this and hopefully emerge as kinder and more loving people. The way hoped and wanted to be. Better together and for each other.

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