The South Indian film industry has been flourishing these past couple of years. The audiences have been growing and more and more and have been turning into fans! This of course has helped quite a few actors reach new peaks in their careers. And with this recognition from increasing fans and their fame, there is also a hefty fortune they’ve made. Pawan Kalyan, the Telugu superstar is one of the stars who has made quite a bit of fortune. Take a look at how this actor likes spending the fortune he has worked hard to earn!

1) Luxury Cars
This actor is quite a luxury car enthusiast. He owns an extensive and expensive collection of classy rides. As per a Times Now report, he owns two Endeavor Cars one in black and the other white (Rs. 36.35 lakhs each); 2 Mercedes, a G class G 63 AMG (Rs. 2.42 crores), and a Mercedes R class R350; Jeep Wrangler, BMW 5 series 5020d, and an Audi Q7.

2) Expensive watches:
The actor loves the look of a stunning branded watch and has quite a classy collection. Among his collection are the iconic pieces for Rolex according to a Times Now report.

3) Real Estate Properties:
The actor has quite the itch for investing in real estate properties. According to a Times Now report, the actor owns a lovely farmhouse in Vijayawada, Hyderabad which cost a whopping 16 crores. He also gifted his wife Renu Desai a flat worth 5 crores. These are just two real estate properties among many that the actor owns

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