Here are some of the best hairstyles by Gal Gadot, the Israeli sensation for some fashion inspiration

Gal Gadot’s Best Hairstyles To Elevate Your Looks

Gal Gadot-Varsano is an Israeli model and actress. At the age of 18, she won the Miss Israel title in 2004. She then worked for the Israel Defense Forces as a military fitness trainer for two years before beginning her studies at the IDC Herzliya college and pursuing her modeling and acting aspirations.

Gal Gadot looks like a superhero should! From her career-defining performance as Wonder Woman to her kick-butt role in Fast & Furious, we are in awe of the brunette beauty’s elegance, fortitude, and talent on and off the screen.

The former Miss Israel has wowed us with her elegant yet sultry red carpet beauty and chic sense of style. She also has a lengthy number of hit songs to her credit. Whether she is dousing herself in diamonds at the Oscars or wearing a worthy black suit to a movie premiere, the diva always seems to be having fun with her fashion choices. She regularly shines on the red carpet in vivid, multicolored outfits embellished with sequins and beads.

Gal Gadot is a knockout when it comes to her amazing red carpet beauty looks, in addition to playing a strong, independent, and badass Wonder Woman. Her elegant hairstyles, strong lips, and perfect skin never fail to impress us. Not only is she incredibly beautiful and talented but we are wowed by her acting skills in Wonder Woman which defies all gender norms and odds and strikes out wonderfully differently as a superhero role played by a superwoman.

Taking inspiration from her, here are some of her best hairstyles that would look absolutely bedazzling on anyone.