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Imagine being BFFs with the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan...

Here’s why we want to be BFFs with Shahrukh Khan

We are all massive fans of our Bollywood actors and actresses. Seeing on our screens, following there social platforms to see what they are up to, we want to know everything about our favorite stars.

Now imagine being friends with one of them. Amazing, wouldn’t it be? We see celebrities hanging out with their gang of BFFs and often wonder how would it be to get into the inner circle. One such actor that we would absolutely love to be best friends with is the legendary romance king, Shahrukh Khan.

Being friends with SRK will not only be a massive fun but also enlightening. The actor is not only a talented person but is also extremely witty and intelligent. If you follow any of his social media or interviews, you will be absolutely enraptured by his charmed persona.

Starting from humble beginnings, the actor knows the importance of hard work and encourages others to do the same. But the same time, he was also knows how to bring out his fun side and enjoy himself.

If his insanely funny and sarcastic Twitter interactions are anything to go by, spending an hour in conversation with Shahrukh Khan will only leave you with wanting more. Being a family man, he sure knows how to take care of his near and dear ones, which means being best buddies with SRK means showered in love by the man himself. He is known for being a kind friend who are often treated lavishly with expensive gifts, parties or even movie cameos.

Most importantly, it is worth noting that all of Shahrukh Khan’s friendships have stood the test of time which tells you he is one loyal man. Being BFFs with Shahrukh Khan certainly has   its perks and we can only imagine how wonderful it would be!

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