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In Pics: Nina Dobrev’s Casual Wears That Are Extremely Fashionable

Fans of Nina Dobrev, take note: If you enjoy the actor’s sense of style, you’re in luck. Dobrev’s own closet is available to borrow on the fashion-sharing service Wardrobe for the remainder of 2022.

Dobrev’s style is defined as “casual and stylish,” and the goods she’s posted for rent reflect that. “I feel my fans can anticipate a little bit of everything I wear during the day, from my casual loungewear and Splendid sweaters that I wear out to dinner with friends to beautiful jumpsuits and day dresses that I would go on a fun brunch day with my pals,” she tells us. “To complete my outfit, I prefer to wear a smart beanie, a trendy boot or heel, and either a peacoat or a leather jacket.”

The Vampire Diaries star has shared some of her favorite ensembles, which include dresses, sweaters, and shirts that she has previously worn. More new goods are scheduled to be launched throughout the year.

Dobrev credits her love of fashion to her background and her mother. “I’ve always felt that how you express yourself via what you wear is heavily influenced by your identity,” she explains. “I hail from a European background, and my mother is an artist. She always dressed wonderfully as a youngster, and it always inspired me, so I knew fashion would be a part of my life.”

Dobrev’s clothes are available for hire for four, ten, or twenty days, with prices beginning at $21.47 USD. The goods are dry cleaned before and after each rental.

Here’s a look inside Nina Dobrev’s closet. Stay tuned to IWMBUZZ for more information.