Jessica Alba and family are taking up challenges during the quarantine and they have nailed this one…

Jessica Alba and family nail the blinding lights challenge: Check Out

Jessica Alba is an American actress and a businesswoman. She was the lead actress in the television series Dark Angel. She is married to Cash Warren and three children. The actress has been balancing family, acting and business and she is doing it pretty well. With the current situation all around the world, people are quarantined in their houses to ensure safety. Jessica Alba is also spending some quality time with her family.

To break the monotony of these gloomy days, Jessica Alba and her family took up The Weeknd’s Blinging Light challenge. In the video, she posted on Instagram, Jessica, her husband and two daughters are seen dancing to the music of blinding light. The entire family does synchronised steps and its fun to watch. The actress put up a caption saying that they nailed the challenge but with numerous takes and it took them all night. Well, it is a fantastically done challenge and its fun to watch it. Her family and herself are surely making it sure to keep themselves entertained during this quarantine phase.

Take a look at the video and maybe you could try it with your family.

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