Jessica Alba shares how she keeps up with her NYE glam with gorgeous winged eyes and pouty lips, check out

Jessica Alba owns her NYE glam with winged eyes and pouty lips

Jessica Alba took to her Instagram handle to show the world how to keep the NYE glam right on point, with a dash of cheeky makeover, good adorns and some pouts. She featured some of her exclusive cosmetics that she used to get the ultimate look.

In the video, we can see Jessica Alba doing her makeup. Acing the winged eyeliner like a pro and clubbing it up pink plump pout lips, Jessica gave us nothing but goals with her chic look in the video shared. She wore a maroon piece of gorgeous adorn teamed with yellow hairband and minimal accessories.

Sharing the video, Jessica Alba wrote, “a winged eye and pouty lip – it’s giving #nyeglam ??? #tutorialtuesday #winkandpout”

Here take a look-

A user wrote, “So funny to see all this people trying to be a kardashian…”

Another one wrote, “Wait………you have a make up line???? I loved your baby line. Used it on my babies so I’m definitely going to have to get some stuff. ❤️❤️❤️”

A third one wrote, “But can we take a moment to worship that RAZOR SHARP & perfectly cut jawline‼️”

The Latest Scoop

Jessica Alba recently opened up on how as a teenager she got kidnapped. She stated, “My mother had cancer at a really young age, in her early 20s. I grew up with chronic illness. I had five surgeries before I was 11 years old. I had chronic allergies, and I was hospitalised a lot as a child,” she added, “I had this real moment of, I want to live and thrive, and spend as much time with this little person that I’m bringing into the world as possible and stay. So, my health matters. I want this little person to be healthy. And it’s really freaking hard to be happy when you don’t have your health.” As mentioned in Farout Magazine

The actress has been through enough rough patches in her career earlier. And stating how she got kidnapped when she was just 15, she reminisced that she used to get constant phone calls from a stranger. However, at first she ignored considering them as mere prank calls, but things turned ugly and she got kidnapped from the sets and was out of reach for 14 hours, however the culprit is still not known.