Jessica Alba has been in the spotlight since she was a little child. Let's have a look at some of her best movies.

Jessica Alba’s Most Savage Roles

In the films Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Jessica Alba played Sue Storm, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman, who may be her most well-known character. However, her lead role as Max Guevara in the television series Dark Angel, one of James Cameron’s early attempts into television, will be remembered by more ardent fans.

Along with the late Paul Walker, Alba starred in the blockbuster movies Into the Blue and Good Luck Chuck with Dane Cook. However, only some characters she has played have been a complete flop. Here is a list of 5 famous movies.

Sin City

“Sin City” (2005) – Alba portrayed Nancy Callahan, a stripper subjected to torture and brutality by a strong character, in this graphic novel-inspired movie. She resists the abuse, though, and fights back with all of her strength, displaying her tenacity and resolve.

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Fantastic Four

In the superhero movie “Fantastic Four” from 2005, Alba played Sue Storm, also known as The Invisible Woman. She demonstrates that she is more than just a gorgeous face by using her abilities to defend her family and save the planet. She is one of the most brutal characters in the movie because of her character’s assurance and lack of fear.

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Good Luck Chuck

Alba portrayed Cam, a dentist and serial dater, in the romantic comedy “Good Luck Chuck” (2007). “Despite the movie’s lighter tone, Alba’s character has a no-nonsense approach to courting and relationships. She is a ferocious and inspiring character since she is unrepentant about what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to speak her opinion.

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Little Fockers

In the 2010 comedy “Little Fockers,” Alba plays a strong nurse who isn’t afraid to put the male characters in their place. She is a powerful counterbalance to their shenanigans, demonstrating that she should not be trifled with.

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Alba starred as Sartana Rivera in the 2010 film “Machete,” a border patrol agent who is proficient with both a gun and a knife. She is courageous and uncompromising, demonstrating her willingness to go above and beyond to complete the task.

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Additionally, Alba’s significant part in the 2000–2002 television series “Dark Angel” further proved her talent for portraying a strong, independent woman. She portrayed Max Guevara, a genetically modified soldier who escaped from a military facility and fled the scene in the show. Alba’s ability to perform a heroine who is both physically and emotionally strong in this part demonstrated her range as an actress.

In conclusion, even though Jessica Alba may not have portrayed many “savage” characters, she has proven her talent for showing people who are strong, independent, and willing to stand up for what they believe in.

Source: IMDb