Karan Johar stuns with his oversized athleisure stylefile, take a look at his recent video

Karan Johar Styles In Oversized Athleisure Outfit: Farah Khan & Janhvi Kapoor React

Karan Johar has been on the headlines with his cracky fashion sense of late. Starting from his stellar starry neon suit in his 50th birthday bash, to his choice of baggy clothes and sometimes uncanny fashion looks on the reality show, KJO has been on fire with his fashion dos. Now with that, his current baggy athleisure outfit got Farah Khan and Janvhi Kapoor in splits.

A video is currently going viral on the internet, where we could see Farah Khan, a good friend of Karan Johar filming him at his home, and asking him to talk about the outfit he is wearing. To, Karan Johar spontaneously explains and also adds that oversized fashion is currently in trend and also tells Farah that she needs help with her fashion.

Farah Khan then goes on to ask Janhvi Kapoor about her thoughts on Karan’s style, and here we see Karan going and sitting right beside Janhvi Kapoor. However, Karan ends up complimenting Janhvi’s style on the spot.

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