IWMBuzz asks you who shows off their earring collection better between Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt. Check out the photos for more details

Katrina Kaif Vs Alia Bhatt: Who shows off her bold and chunky earring collection better?

Whenever you hear the two names, what comes to your mind first? Yes, we agree that a common link between them is Ranbir Kapoor but here we mean something else.

Both are extremely gorgeous and confident personalities who live their lives by their own terms. Both are beautiful and charming and they both are two perfect examples of ‘beauty with brains’. Well, at least their movie choices speak for itself that they certainly put in a lot of thinking before saying yes to a script and it has worked in their favour till now. Both love to dress up and fans love it whenever they are decked up in heavy designer outfits and most importantly nice accessories in the form of earrings and other stuff. Both love to show off their glamorous look to their fans’ delight. But if you had to pick one between the two as to who does it better between the two, who would be your selection?

Check out the photos below to decide –

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