Janhvi Kapoor reacts on the protective nature of sister Khushi Kapoor. Check here.

Khushi Kapoor protects sister Janhvi Kapoor just like mother Sridevi

Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor the daughters of the elegant actress Sridevi look exactly like their mother in behaviour, beauty and mannerisms.

And to them comes the protective nature of Sridevi through their genes.

Yes, we have seen sisters Janhvi and Khushi twinning at home, being together, enjoying this quarantine phase doing something or the other in each other’s company.

But do you know that sis Khushi has this uncanny attitude of protecting Janhvi in this phase of life?

Yes, just like her mother Sridevi would have done today, if she was here, Khushi does something unique to keep Janhvi always wit her and not think of going outside the cosy home.

Check the video here and you will be amazed.

So cute!!

May you both be BFFs for life!!

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