Maniesh Paul is a popular Indian actor, host, anchor and singer. He is a powerhouse of talent from entertaining his fans with his acting skills to soothing hearts with his voice he never fails to captivate us. In his long journey of almost 22 years in the industry he has played several characters but today the actor revealed about his one character from Rafuchakkar that was not easy.

Maniesh Paul’s Transformation In Rafuchakkar

For his OTT debut show, Rafuchakkar Maniesh played five different characters as he was a con artist in the comedy Heist series. And for his different characters, he had to undergo massive transformations. Talking about his characters and transformation, he said, “Shedding my fit-healthy body for one of the looks as Pawan Kumar Bawariya, I had to resemble an ordinary middle class and middle aged guy with a paunch, for which I gained 10 kgs. For another look, I had to lose weight as well as gain muscles to play a gym trainer.”

Maniesh Paul Shares Throwback Pictures From His Character In Rafuchakkar Says,

Maniesh Paul Shares Throwback Pictures From His Character In Rafuchakkar Says,

Today the actor shared photos of himself showcasing his character of an old man with wrinkled skin and huge stomach. In the caption he revealed, “This used to take 4.5 hours of make up time!!!
Painful…too much gum on the face..itchy…but was worth it…this was another character I played for my webseries #rafuchakkar…

At the launch of the gym in town, Manish revealed that playing the old man was his favorite character and said, “One of the characters is an old man. To play that role was very challenging. There were prosthetics which used to take four hours to put on. So it was the most fun to play that role”.