Get Wonder Women’s physique, the secret lies here. Check out to know more.

Need That Perfect Gal Gadot Figure? See How It’s Done Right Here

Gal Gadot the Israeli actress who plays the role of Wonder Woman is blessed with a superpower in real life. And that superpower is her fitness routine that helps her sustain a fit and toned body. we mere mortals can only dream of achieving that superpower but we sure can try. And one way to achieve a body like Gal Gadot is by imitating her fitness routine. Here’s the secret to the Gal Gadot’s physique.

So to train for her role of Wonder Women Gal Gadot had to go through a lot of physical training to give her enduring strength to effortlessly perform fight scenes. Gal Gadot told Elle Magazine that she trained for six months before the shoot of the movie. She did two hours of gym work, two hours of fight choreography and two hours of horse riding. From all this three Gal swears that horse riding was the toughest. To make her work in the gym show full potential she also had to alter her diet and eating habits. Gal Gadot’s personal trainer Hayley Bradley told Instyle that her diet was a balance of protein and greens, and lots of fruits. But just like many of us, Gal doesn’t mind indulging her in a not so healthy food once in a while. It’s all about balance and moderation for her.

We hope you got a little inspired by Gal Gadot’s fitness routine. Let us know in the comments if you decide to try it out.