Nina Dobrev shares a cozy and warm set of pictures from her vacation surfing through the ice and sunshine

Nina Dobrev Experiencing Cold Weather In Sunkissed Pictures; Check Now 757616

Nina Dobrev took time off her busy schedule to enjoy the cold weather in a moody place. The diva stepped out for a boat ride and shared pictures from her travel time on her Instagram account. In the first picture, Nina posed like a casual traveler sitting on the boat. She wore a black and white jacket and pants. The diva chooses warm and thick clothes to cope with the cold weather. While the chic brown boats, warm black beanie, black hand gloves, and glasses. She posed facing the sun and a huge ice mountain in her background.

In the next picture, the diva gives a striking pose with a wide-angle scene. Nina Dobrev has, time and again, baffled us with her style statement and experimenting nature. The whole picture is a mood. The white ice mountain, pure blue water, and sunkissed picture go perfectly. The diva dropped this picture with the caption, “just the tip of the iceberg.” The post attracted users’ attention, and many dropped their likes and comments.

Nina Dobrev Experiencing Cold Weather In Sunkissed Pictures; Check Now 757614

Nina Dobrev Experiencing Cold Weather In Sunkissed Pictures; Check Now 757615

A user in the comments section wrote, “Omg u just made me soo happy now when you posted.” The other user said, “The love of my life. Improving my Friday and Saturday .” Sabina Rich commented, “ain’t nothing wrong with just the tip.” In comparison, many users bashed her for not releasing that the ice is melting. The third person wrote, “Again, ice caps are melting. Cruises like that should be prohibited.”

Canadian actress Nina Dobrev is known for her love of traveling. The diva often shares pictures and videos of her adventures on her social media accounts. She has visited many places around the world, including various tropical locations and European cities, and even went on a safari in Africa. Also, she has been to many countries, such as Spain, Greece, and Italy, and has a passion for hiking and exploring the great outdoors. The diva likes immersing herself in different cultures and trying new experiences.

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