Here are 11 tips to stay in shape straight from the fitness regime of the American star Nina Dobrev.

Nina Dobrev’s Fitness Regime: 11 Tips To Stay In Shape And Conquer Your Fitness Goals

Nina Dobrev, the gorgeous star is quite the well-known fitness guru. She is a true fitness inspiration. She keeps her fitness regime interesting and gives herself some leeway when it comes to her diets as well. Here are 11 fitness tips to stay in shape and conquer your fitness goals straight from Nina Dobrev, as per a Spoon University report.

1) Variety of Cardio:
Avoid getting bored with your fitness regime by mixing things up. Add a variety of cardio exercises and activities that will keep you interested.

2) Weight Training:
Give weight training a try. According to the actress it has given her some surprisingly positive results as she has been feeling ‘so much leaner and stronger,’ as per a Spoon University report.

3) Workout Playlist:
A workout playlist can take you a long way in your fitness journey. Music can pump you up and get you motivated to keep going!

4) Flex That Flexibility:
She has quite a well-rounded fitness regime, from cardio to strength training. She also adds stretching and yoga into her fitness regime as well for an added benefit!

5) Morning Workout:
The actress is an early bird and prefers to get in her daily workout bright and early in the morning. “I do it first thing when I wake up because I can’t make up an exercise for it, like being tired later on in the day,” as per the same report.

6) Fitness Buddy:
Having a workout buddy to chat with and workout with can also take away some of the monotony of it! So, get someone on board with you on your fitness journey.

7) Carb Can Be Good!
While most people try to avoid carbs, carbs are a huge source of the body’s energy! It is quite an important part of a meal that you definitely shouldn’t be getting rid of!

8) Calorie Awareness:
While counting calories can easily propel into calorie obsession, it is good to be a bit aware! Make sure to educate yourself well on the different aspects of nutrition.

9) Physical Activity:
There will be days where you take an off from your fitness journey. Make sure to keep active and add some form of physical activity to your routine.

10) Eat Less, More Often:
The best way to stop yourself from overeating is by eating smaller portions. She has tweaked her diet where she eats small portions of food or snacks throughout the day. It helps her from feeling tired in the middle of the day and stops her from eating huge meals.

11) Drink In Moderation:
While the actress believes in drinking as much water as she can, when it comes to alcohol she limits herself to a glass of wine a day.

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