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Know Net worth and Dating history of Radhika Pandit and Yash.

Radhika Pandit And Yash’s Net Worth and Dating History Revealed

A cute couple of the industry is Radhika and Yash and they have become the power couple and are slaying the industry with their amazing talent. They work in the Kannada film industry and have appeared in several films. The dating history of the couple is fantastic, and their love for each other is just fab. The couple met on the sets, and from there, they became friends, and they got into a relationship after ten years of their friendship and started dating each other. They got married in 2016, and before marriage, they dated for six years. They are the true inspiration for millions of couples, and now they are happily married and enjoying their married life.

The couple is blessed with one daughter and one son. Both of them have achieved a lot of fame and popularity in their career. Their love and friendship have been an inspiration to all the people out there. According to several reports, the net worth of Yash is Rs 40 crores, and that of Radhika is 11.9 crores. The combined net worth of the couple is Rs 51. 9 crores. The chemistry between them is just mind-blowing, and they just make us fall in love with them.

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