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Tiger Shroff reveals his toughest action sequence till date

I have really pushed myself to unchartered territories for War: Tiger Shroff

Action films have always been an integral part of Bollywood and the first name that pops into our mind when we talk about action flicks is without a doubt Tiger Shroff. The handsome superstar has been exceptional in every film and showcased a variety of stunts that we can’t possibly imagine doing. No wonder he is the world’s youngest action superstar

Currently, his much-awaited film, War has been taking over the nation and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. Performing such challenging stunts requires a great deal of perseverance, practice and consistency and we can’t appreciate the handsome hunk enough for his commitment and dedication. But Tiger has his limitations too, not everything is as easy as it seems. He sheds light on his toughest sequences till date. Any guesses?

Tiger said, “The most difficult action stunts I have performed in my career are my climax sequences from Baaghi 1, Baaghi 2 and my introduction sequence in War. During my training and preparation for War, every action sequence was so different from the other. Whether it was my one shot –no cuts introduction action sequence or my climactic battle hand to hand fight with Hrithik. Each action has a different flavor so they were all challenging. I have really pushed myself to unchartered territories for War. For me, the introduction fight sequence was tough because it was a one-shot action sequence without any cuts. To fight continuously for 2- 2 and a half minutes was tough. I really had to get out of my comfort zone and bring in new facets and elements that I don’t possess. Moreover, my director Siddharth Anand and action director kept my strength in mind and also heard my inputs. Sometimes they would apply it and sometimes they would feel like I should just surrender because the whole point of this was to change my action style and show a different form of action and something that I had never done before.”

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