Know the real reason why SRK and Shah Rukh Khan fought

REVEALED! The REAL REASON behind Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s fight in Katrina Kaif’s birthday

SRK and Salman Khan are currently two of the biggest superstars of B-Town and fans love them unconditionally for whatever they have achieved over the last many years in Bollywood. Over the last 30 years, several actors have come and gone in Bollywood but Salman and Shah Rukh Khan have continued to rule the roost in the movies and even today, they are right at the top.

They might be ‘besties’ today but readers, you all must be well aware of the fact that both SRK and Salman had a big fight in public during Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash which led to the two of them not talking to each other for a long time. But readers, do you all know the real reason why they fought?

Well, as per reports in, both SRK and Salman had started joking about something but the joke ended up becoming serious which led to them getting offended with each other for real.

Earlier in an interaction with NDTV, when Salman was asked about the same, he was quoted as saying,

“Thinking does not match. He is doing very well for himself, God bless him. I am doing pretty okay for myself. He may be right in his own way, I am right in my own way. He works for a lot of people, I do the same.”

Well readers, all we can say is we are glad both have kept their differences behind and are now working and doing great for themselves and each other. For more updates, stay tuned to

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