Know the real nickname of Allu Arjun

South Superstar Allu Arjun’s real nickname will SURPRISE you, find out

Allu Arjun is a bonafide sensation and superstar in the real sense of the term. Whatever he does becomes a huge rage and the man has got some cult fan following certainly. Be it high-octane action movies or his adorable posts on social media, fans love it all and as they would like to think, they also know it all about their favourite superstar.

Well, not ruling out your love for Allu Arjun readers but we bet you don’t know about this interesting nickname of Allu Arjun which he has in the industry for a pretty long time. Wondering what is it?

Well, as per, Allu Arjun’s secret nickname which his family members also refer him with is something as adorable as ‘Bunny’.

Surprised readers? So, how many of you knew it, and how many of you didn’t?

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