We all know Lily James from her role in famous movies like Cinderella, Mama Mia, Downton Abbey. And we know Bella Thorne since she was a teenager working with Disney. These two actresses have a very different way of styling. Lily James’s signature style is more of feminine and floral outfits while Bella on the other hand is known for her bold and edgy looks.

We bring before you styling tips from two women who are the leading faces in the fashion world. With their unique, different, and pole apart fashion sense.

Since Lily James has a penchant for floral and dresses I think the best advice we can get is how to look elegant in a dress or gown. The thirty-one-year-old actress is not a newcomer when it comes to red carpet events, but a loyal guest every year. That’s when we get to see her looking gorgeous and regal in her gowns and floral outfits. Her off carpet looks are also worth watching. We have two outfits for y’all worn by Lily James. In the first outfit, Lily is seen wearing a lacy crop and a midi skirt. And in the second picture, she wears a long gown with flower embroidery. Lily looks absolutely gorgeous in both the outfits, especially in the second one she looks nothing less than a Princess.

Coming to our Disney star Bella Thorne, she is famous for her bold edgy, and over-the-top looks. She has mastered the skill of carrying the most daring outfits of all time. So if you are looking for styling tips on how to be more bold and edgy while dressing who else to look up to than Bella. Here are two outfits by Bella, in first she is seen rocking a long leather jacket with a low plunge neck top and midi skirt and in the second outfit Bella wears an edgier outfit going all black with a t-shirt dress and leather boots.

Check out the photographs and let us know in the comments who’s fashion sense do you most relate to.