Veteran actor Suniel Shetty recently opened up about his advice to his daughter Athiya Shetty regarding her husband KL Rahul, amidst the challenges he faces in his career. Suniel expressed his concerns about the negativity and hatred directed towards KL Rahul and highlighted the importance of supporting him during difficult times. He described KL Rahul as a good human being and emphasized that his daughter is fortunate to have him as her partner.

Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul had been in a relationship for several years before they tied the knot on January 23 in an intimate and traditional wedding ceremony held at Suniel’s Khandala farmhouse. The wedding was attended by a select group of close family members and friends.

During a recent interview, Suniel was asked to share advice for his daughter Athiya. He began by mentioning how he had encouraged her not to fear success when she entered the film industry and also discussed the importance of being prepared to face failure. He further advised Athiya to have unwavering trust in her partner and to support him wholeheartedly. Suniel acknowledged that as an athlete, KL Rahul’s career would require him to travel extensively, making it challenging for Athiya to accompany him. However, he urged her to be there for him, as athletes, like actors, experience highs and lows in their respective fields, as mentioned in HT.

Suniel also expressed his concerns about the prevalence of negativity and hate in the digital age. He mentioned the influence of algorithms and artificial intelligence in amplifying and controlling hate, describing it as a “scary time.” The actor highlighted the need for understanding and empathy in the face of such challenges.

Suniel Shetty’s heartfelt advice reflects his care and support for his daughter and son-in-law. His words serve as a reminder of the importance of standing by loved ones, particularly during tough times, and the need to combat negativity with love and compassion.

He also warned his son-in-law KL Rahul saying, “Don’t be such a beautiful human being that we seem inferior when it comes to you. You cannot be such a good boy that everybody believes that this is what goodness is about and not you, that’s the kind of child he is. I always tell Athiya that you’re blessed. I tell her she is blessed not necessarily, the other way around,”