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This Is The Reason Why Nina Dobrev Doesn’t Go By Her Real Name, Tap To Find Out

The film industry has quite a few stars who don’t go by their real names. There are quite a few different reasons that celebrities might change their names. They might take up a stage name either to shorten their name or simply because they need to change their name. Nina Dobrev, the Canadian actress also uses her name professionally.

She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and was named Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva at birth. When she got into acting she found her name might be difficult to remember for her fans, so she shortened it to Nina Dobrev. As per a ‘The List’ report, it is easier to remember and pronounce.

While many love the name she chose for her profession, there are also many of her fans who find her Bulgarian name quite beautiful. There are quite a few stars who choose to go by a nickname that is sentimental or go the route Nina when by shortening their names to adapt their names to different productions.

While she might use a different name, she is still quite close to her Bulgarian roots. She has been in quite a few shows where she has been seen using Bulgarian slang or reciting lyrics of songs in her native languages. The talented actress is multilingual and can speak not only English and Bulgarian but also fluent Russian and French.

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