Know more about Trisha Krishnan's hair and beauty secrets

Trisha Krishnan’s Beauty And Hair Secrets REVEALED

Trisha Krishnan is often regarded as the ‘Katrina Kaif’ of the South film fraternity as just like Katrina is considered to be the ideal blend of hotness and cuteness, Trisha too gives out the same vibes from her personality. Some of Trisha’s best work in the South include Kodi, Ghilli, Yennai Arindhaal, Khatta Meetha and many more.

Trisha has got the perfect beach body and she ensures she takes proper care of her figure and fitness regime throughout. But, if apart from that, if there’s something Trisha takes a lot of care about, it is her hair and skin. So what does Trisha Krishnan do to take care of her hair and skin?

As per reports in, Trisha ensures she gets a lot of Vitamin C for her body. She prefers fresh pomegranate juice and drinks a lot of water to keep her skin hydrated. As far as haircare is concerned, Trisha ensures she oils her hair once in a week and uses a good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep her hair hydrated. She also uses a special Ayurvedic serum to maintain the softness of her hair.

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