Will Smith took to Instagram to share vector art pictures looking all cute. The actor last attended the premiere night of his upcoming film Emancipation. Smith made his public appearance after eight months of slapping Chris Rock at the Oscar. The actor captioned his post, “Uhh how y’all getting that cute art?? I must be doing it wrong. I look like an old-ass young ass old person.”

Will Smith’s Cute Vector Art Pictures

In the first picture, Will Smith’s face is edited in vector art. His eyes are bulgy, swollen nose, shrank cheeks, and bony body makes him look funny. In the next picture, Will Smith has an unusual giant face where his eye seems to be very small compared to his chin. Here his ears are extremely big with stud earrings. He made a pout from his thick lips and bulgy nose. The pictures look interesting and hilarious. At the same time, the art is very unique and commendable. In comparison, the joint mustache and beard seem like a thread stuck on his face.

As you swipe next, another unique experiment with Will Smith’s picture featuring his eyes in a bulgy state, dewy face, and thick pink lips making him look attractive. These pictures are quite cute and with French cut mustaches and beards. In contrast, the last picture is totally different from the previous three pictures. In this picture, Will Smith’s face looks edgy and sharp. The cute vector art emphasized his cheeks, nose, and ears. In this picture, Smith also wore a long earring. In comparison, his mystical eyes looked attractive.

Here Check Out The Comments

A verified user wrote, “!I thought the last pic was willow .” “You look like something you had to shoot in Men in Black.,” said the other person. The third person defined the pictures by saying, ” abstract and unique, different but tasteful .” Another fan wrote, “It’s given HITCH vibes unc .” The fifth mentioned the famous artist, Picasso,” “Ok, I like it. Picasso!.”

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